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Beauty Tips - Beauty Tips in Urdu

beauty-tipsBeauty is that special dream which is seen by almost all age people in thir whole life either they are men or women, boys or girls, bride or grooms, father or mother, brother or sister, aunt or uncle, grand mother or grand father, of course, everyone in his/her life want to become more beautiful
   To look charming, one have to take care of his/her beauty. Although natural beauty is a God gifted thing but by taking full care of body one can enhance his/her beauty. For this purpose people specially women and teenage girls try to find out different kind of Beauty Tips to enhance their beauty.
   In this section of Pak Marriage you will find different beauty tips in english and urdu languages to become more gorgeous. So please enjoy your stay at this section of your favorite site and don't hesitate to give us your feedback so we could make this site according to your desire.

Homemade Skin Whitening Tips Natural Ways

Skin Whitening Tips For Men and WomenSkin whitening is generally used for changing of skin complexion into lighten color, skin usually whiten with cosmetic products and bleaching agents. Skin whitening treatment or agent not only change the complexion and fade scars but also these agents wash out the dark patches on the face. Whitening agents peel of the top skin layer and bring change in skin complexion while some other creams control the melanin concentration and change the dark skin into lighten color. Skin whitening creams and other chemical work on melanin that is the main pigment which gives the skin color. The concentration of melanin determines the skin complexion when a person has dark or black skin color it means that he or she has more melanin in his / her skin. All those chemical and creams which change the skin color have properties of controlling melanin. Whitening creams slow down the production of melanin in skin. The main function of skin is just protection of internal organs of human body from the environmental conditions and pathogens and considered a defense line against the diseases. However, white skin is considered as a beauty symbol in many countries of the world.


Natural Home Remedies and Tips For Men and Women Feet Care
Feet Care and Beauty TipsFeet is basically that part of the body, which is badly neglected especially by men, however, few women pay attention to their feet to some extent. It is common observation that majority of people think that their feet are that part of body, which is not easily seen by others or they cover them with the help of socks to hide them from others if they are not clean, soft and beautiful. That is why feet got some problems like hard rough skin, cracked heels and fungal ailments. Due to negligence feet also get a severe and painful problem in which nails bite the skin and that can be cure with pedicure. A rough and dry skin feet damage your entire beauty and personality. Feet bears the weight of whole body and if feet feel any discomfort they cannot uplift the weight of body.


Lips Care Beauty Tips at Home

Lips Care and Beauty TipsLips are the prominent and most attractive part of face after eyes, smile conquer the heart. Smile say more than words and may can say that smile is the summary of a long passage. Lips have different shapes and sizes. Women and girls desire for healthy pinkish lips for this purpose they pay a lot of money. Girls and women consult their different problems with beauty experts and ordinary beauty parlors consultants. The beauty of lips means a fantastic and unforgettable smile. There are millions of women and girls those have just an ordinary lips, having pale and dark colors. A dark and fade color lips are basically devalue your attractive face, the color of lips or their fade to dark color have many reasons like poor health condition, extreme weather condition, smoking and cheaper application of cosmetics.



Sensitive Skin Home Remedies

Sensitive Skin Care TipsSensitive skin is a condition of skin in which the epidermis is very thin and internal texture of body is close with surface. The skin in this condition rapidly changed by the external environment, the sensitive skin is a common skin type among the people. Sensitive skin can be anywhere, but mostly it affects face, hands and arms. The sensitive skin commonly face dryness because it cannot produce enough sebum or oil that skin naturally produce. Sensitive skin mostly suffered from dry skin and irritation. Sensitive skin does not mean that you have to worry about its redness and irritation. A little care and nourishment can bring back the sensitive skin to a normal skin type, in current scenario it is difficult to maintain a healthy and glowing skin. It is a limited number among the people born with normal and glowing skin. The sensitive skin has the following sign and symptoms red skin patches, itchy skin, skin tightness and dry skin.



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