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Marriage plays and important role in human life. If I say no life without wife or husband then I hope no body will deny this reality. Attraction of opposite sex is in the nature of man and woman and they try to find out their best match in this life to spend their coming days of life in the arms of beloved one. Normally, from the age of 14 young boys and girls try to find out their life partner and they start thinking about marriage. This age is most important for the boys and girls as they can build or destroy their lives just from the start of these age.
   It is the duty of elders specially parents and teachers of the teenagers to guide them in proper way and help them in finding their life partners. Also they should be told that sex or marriage is not the main goal of human life and if a person is successful in his life then he/she will be appreciated by others and in turn attracted by opposite sex too.
   In this section of Pak Marriage, you will see marriage related articles that can guide you to make your marriage successful and one of the happiest marriage.

Marriage First Night
Marriage Guide

marriage-first-nightMarriage First Night commonly known as Marriage Night or simply first night is one of the most important nights in human life and newly wed couple wish to make this night unforgettable. If I define marriage night in simple words its the first night after marriage when newly wed bride and groom meet and sleep together.
   In Pakistan, marriage is a religious ceremony and this is the union of


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Marriage Online

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