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shadi-onlineWilliam Shakespeare said this world is a stage and all the men and women in this world has to play his/her part. The most important part of men's and women's life comes when his/her wedding day comes.
Shadi or Shaadi is an important and most awaited part of human life. Every young man and woman dream for marriage. They all start looking for their life partners from their teenage and if they get their beloved partner they want to marry as soon as possible.

   In Pakistan, there are special marriage traditions and Pakistani families follow these traditions. Mostly arranged marriages are held in Pakistan. But now a days love marriage is also seen in Pakistani societies.

Educated boys and girls of this era like to find their life partner themselves. For this purpose they search on internet for "Shadi Online". As a result they find many sites offering free matrimonial services in Pakistan. Our matrimony section is for all those people who want to find friends and life partner online. New members can register their profile and after registering they can find their match online.

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